Pro Fish Association is a non-profit organization whose members are organizations of the fisheries industry, professional fishermen, fish farmers, fish processors and fishmongers. The association was founded in 1994.


The aim of the association is to increase consumers’ and other groups’ knowledge of fish and fish products and their role in nutrition, ways to use fish, thus promoting the versatile use of fish and seafood in general.


In addition, the association works to improve the quality of fish and fish products as well as cooperation between its members in the fisheries industry.


The association’s activities include publicity work, promotional campaigns, conducting consumer surveys and research, and taking part in various fish related development projects.


For more information about the Pro Fish Association, contact the executive director Katriina Partanen, [email protected]



Additional information about the Finnish fisheries industry can be found in our comprehensive information sheet Finland’s Fisheries Industry – Bringing seafood from the water to the dining table.


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Birkala Oy

Björklöv Börje, commercial fisher

Brändö Lax Ab

Ab Chipsters Food Oy

Disas Caviar Oy Ltd

Ekströms Fiskebod

Escamar Seafood Oy

Eskelinen Heikki, commercial fisher

Fishroom Oy

FishTeam J. Nurmi Oy


Four Seasons Fish

Frisch Haus Finland Oy Äyriäistukku

Growth4Blue Consulting Ky

Heimon Kala

Husko Savukalatukku Oy

Hätälä Oy

JN Tradeteam Oy

Johansson Tor-Erik, commercial fisher

Kala-Lappi Oy

Kalaliike Asp Oy

Kalaliike Mäkinen Ky

Kalaliike Pekuri

Kalamakasiini Oy

Kalaneuvos Oy

Kalatukku E. Eriksson

Kala Valtanen Oy

Lahti Harri, commercial fisher

Leroy Finland Oy

Lignell Valter, commercial fisher

Merenherkut J. Lindberg Oy

Mickelsson Roine, commercial fisher

Myrskylän Savu Oy

Rantamaa Toni, commercial fisher

Rantamaa Veli-Matti, commercial fisher

Retsbol Oy

RS Fisk & Redskap, commercial fisher

Salmonfarm Oy Ab

Salonen Reima, commercial fisher

Sillikonttori Oy

Soikkuri Consulting Oy

Strömling Oy Ab

Suomen Ammattikalastajaliitto r.y.

Suomen Kalakauppiasliitto ry

Suomen Kalankasvattajaliitto ry

Tages Fisk – Tagen Kala

Thomeko Oy

Tmi Heikki Salokangas, commercial fisher

Tmi Kai Elfving

Tuomaan Kalatukku Oy

Törrönen Markku, commercial fisher

Varapäällikkö Oy

Vendace Kycommercial fisher

Veneranta Sami, commercial fisher

Veneranta Reijo, commercial fisher

Vihinen Vesa, commercial fisher